Why Choose Us

The E-System is a web-based database and case management system designed to track clients and their case-related activities. Our goal is to start a process of care at the point of entry. A person will give their information once and their personal story will travel with them throughout the system to be accessed whenever and wherever needed. The application will allow providers to track a person’s needs, services provided and progress through the system.

Mobile & Office Based

The core competency of E-System is its case management features, allowing a care giver easy and direct access to the history of any client.

Secure & Customizable

Manage all 3rd party & client billing electronically, as well as a robust reporting module that includes the ability to create reports tailored to your needs.

What We Do

E-System is a web-based application for those companies providing mental health services and support.


The functionality to provide mental health services. From capturing client intake information, providing services, electronic billing, robust reporting and much more.


E-System is developed and supported by a dedicated team, with many years of experience in both software development and providing mental health services.

See It Today

Want to see more? Contact us today to set up an online demonstration with your staff, to see how E-System can help streamline your service delivery.